Bore Water

  Does your house or property suffer from:  

  • red rust or iron staining
  • white scale on windows and concrete
  • upset stomach and gastro
  • unpleasant taste and odour of the water

Bore water is an important  source of water for drinking and irrigation.  Changes in weather and  rainfall has seen many previously high quality bores become salty and  unsuitable for drinking or irrigation.  Bore waters frequently leave red rust stains over homes and concrete.  Windows  become stained with scale deposits and steelwork corrodes due to  impurities in the bore water. Simon Technical Services  specialise in the treatment of bore water to a standard that meets your  drinking water or irrigation standards.  We can remove iron, calcium and  silica to avoid the rust staining and the scaling of your home.  We can reduce salt so the water doesn’t kill the lawn and  the drinking water tastes better. We also provide proven,  effective sterilisation of your bore or tank water to kill E.coli,  giardia, cryptosporidium and other pathogens. UV lights, chlorine  dosing, ozone are all suitable to ensure the health of your water supply.  We can provide sampling, water testing and solutions to  ensure the health of your water. No more gastro and upset stomachs  caused by the water that you drink. Why suffer rust staining, corrode steel, rust marks on stainless steel or a brown lawn when we can help.