Training & Audits


 Simon Technical Services are specialists in energy and water audits. We can conduct audits on:
• Cooling tower
 • Groundwaters,
 • Swimming pools,
 • Mine waters
 • Effluent.
We can help you with  identifying the best chemical treatment program, alternative reuse  strategies, corrosion and scale control strategies. In a recent audit,  the excessive use of chemicals was identified, highlighting cost and water reductions. Cooling water treatments and mine water  treatments can be monitored and managed through reuse strategies,  reverse osmosis, scale control, and biological control.
STS, in partnership with its  alliance partners, can conduct water and energy audits of Swimming  pools. Pools can be large consumers of water and energy. By conducting  detailed audits using submetering of energy and water, a thorough understanding of the site’s energy and water balance  is developed which allows for development of Water Management Plans and  Energy Plans.
 Simon Technical Services develop training ion exchange, reverse osmosis,  filtration and chemical treatment. We can train your people on your  plant systems or we can conduct generic training in classroom settings.
Call us and let us know how we can help.